Monday, 16 April 2012


I'm in the process of figuring out a new review layout.
The way I do it now looks so messy and loose and i'd like to tidy it up if possible!
There's a TON of reviews that I still haven't done so I think that once i've decided how i'm going to set things out, i'll just review a couple of them :)

Also, I would love to get more followers for this blog! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do that? I'd really appreciate it. I know that I need to upload more regular/consistent content but I feel less motivated to do it when nobody is reading it ;)

Goodreads Challenge 22/50


Annamarie said...

sometimes if you do an interview an author like I do on my blog they will post the link to the interview so that their readers can see it and that way you get a few more followers :D

Cazztronomical said...

Yeah i've noticed that :)) It's just getting new authors to do interviews..!

Annamarie said...

Go on goodreads and look at the books you have read and write down the authors go on there website and email them from there or message them on goodreads asking if you can interview them. In the message send them a link to your blog and most of the time they will get back to you within days. I asked Jodi Picoult and she replied saying that she was busy on tour at that moment so I'm going to try again soon. I also tried Danielle Steel but she doesn't do interviews. I'm still waiting to hear from some authors that I messaged though.

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