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Caragh Reviews - Emma by Nancy Butler

Publisher - Marvel
Published - 12th October 2011
Format - Hardback
Synopsis - Award-winning author Nancy Butler, adapter of Marvel's best-selling Adaptations, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE brings you another Jane Austen classic! Joined with the beautiful illustrations of JANET LEE, Butler brings to life Austen's most precocious heroine, Emma Woodhouse. Discover what has made this story so enduring, as its re-told in the Mighty Marvel manner!

As a long time fan of both Jane Austen and Marvel, when I saw this beauty there was just no stopping me! I believe this edition collects together the 5 comic book series into this gorgeous graphic novel, adapted by Nancy Butler and illustrated by Janet Lee.

I first read Emma many years ago and it still remains the one and only time I ever read this particular Jane Austen novel. Like many others, the character of Emma made me want to tear my hair out in frustration before eventually beaming with pride at her ability to make good on her mistakes. I wasn't sure if I was going to fully appreciate the graphic novel as it had been such a long time since I read the book but no worries - Nancy Butler had me covered.

The adaptation of novel to short bite-sized chunks was wonderful. Butler really captured the story and every single one of the array of characters that we are introduced to in Emma's world. The events really came to life and the essence of Austen was still present on every page. The graphic novel still raised questions about society, marriage and even the importance of transport in just a few short pages but I didn't feel like anything was missing. 

The illustrations felt a little immature on my first impression, but I soon realised how beautiful and charming they were. They were playful and beautifully coloured with vibrant pastels and they really caught the characters personalities too. Each character was easily distinguishable both through text and illustration and I feel that the illustrations particularly matched well with Emma herself, young, playful and memorable.

I knew that I was going to enjoy this graphic novel but I didn't expect to love it. In the back of the book, other adaptations of Austen's works by Marvel were advertised and i'm SO excited for them! It was a great experience and it will definitely be joining the list of some of my favourite Austen adaptations!

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