Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Brianna's Top Ten Best Sequels Ever

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This is sadly only a top five (I struggled enough to come up with 5). Mostly because I read a lot of serials and it's hard really to say #2 in a trilogy is a really good sequel as often they can only really be read as one story; Brent Weeks' Night Angel Trilogy for example is basically just one big story rather than 3 smaller interlinking stories. Another reasonis that sometimes a series does not get better after the first book. So here is my top five best sequels:

1. Swords of Night and Day by David Gemmell (Sequel of White Wolf). This sequel is as good if not better than the first, it is also very different in some ways yet still familiar. I also like how it doesn't follow straight on from the first.

2. Morganville 2-14 by Rachel Caine (S of Glass Houses). This is more of sequels than sequel. I've added these because each book in this series is refreshing and new despite being part of a long standing series - often following straight on from the events of the previous book - they have never felt stale.

3. Snuff by Terry Prattchett (S of Thud!). The discworld books aren't exactly a strict series and neither are the city watch storyline but they do follow on from each other in a chronological order. I've added this because with each book you get to see the City Watch and Sam Vimes grow and change a little. You see Sam get promoted, fall in love, become a father and change his views but never do I get bored of seeing him or do his story lines seem unoriginal.

4. Insurgent by Veronica Roth (S of Divergent). Insurgent is on this list is because everything changes in. Insurgent it is no longer the same world as Divergent yet it still manages to feel like the same world.

5. Magic Study by Maria V Snyder (S of Poison Study). Magic study is here for similar reasons as Insurgent, although less changes in Magic Study it still has a new feel to it despite being similar.

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