Sunday, 9 November 2014

Brief hello! I'm here to schedule!

I'm always afraid to check this website because I've left it abandoned and alone for so long.

23800 Views and 299 Posts...
For some reason those figures make me squirm. At least this post will make it 300!
I swear reviews are coming! I've got a few things scheduled for the near future to get this thing up and running again.

I'm still not reading a lot, therefore making this whole thing a little redundant, but who cares right? As long as I've got something to say, I may as well keep it going. I started this blog for me so I'm carrying on that way! I guess we'll see what happens but I'm excited to officially be back!


Josh Caporale said...

Busy schedules are well understood among bloggers. Going to college, I feel the same kind of guilt when I am unable to post material for such a period of time.

I am happy to read what ever you put up!

Loaded Shelves said...

Thank you!

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