Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Things I Find Online #1

Hey blog readers!

I know i've hashtagged this, which kind of gives the impression that there's more to come but with Loaded Shelves, blog posts are always a surprise! You wait a year and then a bunch come all at once...*cough*

Maybe this will become a thing, depending on how often I actually find stuff online that I think should be shared. All book related, of course.

One of my last posts went into great detail about my new little book system and how i've taken the decision out of my hands regarding what book I should read next.
I had some positive feedback and so tonight whilst I was browsing the interwebs (okay i'll admit it, the sound the wind is making outside is freaking me out too much to sleep), I found a little something that could be useful!

So if like me, the idea of choosing your next book seems impossible because there's just too much to choose from, the following website might come in handy. Granted if there's 100 books to choose from it might take more time than your usual methods but i've heard there are sane people out there who generally only have a handful of TBRs to pick from.

This website allows you to write a short list of the things you need to choose from, click a button and hey presto! It picks one for you. I think i'll definitely be using this in future to make some quick decisions! Of course you can also use it for things like deciding what to eat, what to watch, even what to wear if you were so inclined. I hope someone out there finds it useful anyway :)

Random Thing Picker - I swear that's the actual name. Perfect!

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