Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Bookfest

Just as a little note before I get going, I'm using the Blogger app for iPhone for the first time, right now, so apologies if it's all messed up. I'm getting so behind on this blog that I figured short, quick app posts would at least make me keep up with some interaction here.

It is my absolute favourite time of year. I love the atmosphere, the chill in the air and all of the gorgeous autumn colours everywhere. Perhaps because of all that, October is usually when my reading sprees usually kick in. It's just so tempting to curl up with my 3 B's - books, brews and blankets! I have a ton of books waiting for me but to keep this as short and sweet as I intended I'll just talk about a couple.

My wonderfully lovely friend Holly went to a book event last night and very kindly got me a signed copy of Night School: Legacy by CJ Daughty!

After I recently won the entire book series from Maximum Pop, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into these this winter.

In addition to that, we did a Halloween book swap in which I (very excitedly) received Way Down Dark by JP Smythe!

So thanks again, Holly!

Now November is upon us and I'm worryingly aware of the amount of half finished books I've got on my bedside table. So for me, November is the month that I plan to finish all of the books I've got already started on...phew! That is gonna keep me real busy... 

Look out for some reviews going up next week too! Better go... Blankets ready and the kettle has boiled ;)

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TheArtsShelf said...

Fab post Cazz! Hope you enjoy the books! :)

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