Tuesday, 31 January 2017

2017 Book Guilt


A few weeks ago, I was scrolling endlessly through my subscription box trying to catch up with videos when I came across one from Kristina Horner. Some of you may know her, she's a fabulous Youtuber with a big array of hobbies and interests, one of which being books. The video (which you can find here: talked about having books stuck on the shelves for a long time and even though you desperately want to read them, something else always comes up and you just, forget. I don't know about you but this ALWAYS happens to me. There are (and i'm not exaggerating) hundreds of books in my possession that this very thing applies to. So with Kristina's video in mind, I had a look through some of the books I have access to (see earlier post on why I am so limited here:

I've come up with 5 books that i've had forever that I still haven't read. Well, in all honestly I mean 'finish'. Because 4/5 of this books i'm a fair way into them already!

  1. Illuminae - I actually started reading this the same week I bought it. I was completely thrown off by the style of the book and it was a pretty busy time of year at work. It didn't feel like something I wanted to invest time in at that time and I completely forgot about it. One of my best friends, Holly has positively RAVED about it and I bought her the second book Gemina for Christmas. It's only fair that I give it another shot whilst things are relatively quiet at this time of year.
  2. Paper and Fire - I'm completely ashamed to say that this was my most anticipated book, I read the first chapter and then got sideblinded by a bunch of life stuff and it got put back on the shelf for a rainy day. Rachel Caine is probably one of my top 2 authors of all time and I FLEW through the first book in the series, I'm desperate to get through this one but i'm worried I might need to re-read the first book in order to fully appreciate it. Anyone have a great summary I could read instead?
  3. The Wind Singer - My mum bought me the whole series at a closing down sale a few years ago because she thought i'd enjoy them. My boyfriend has since told me that he also thinks i'd really like them. So why haven't I even cracked open the front cover yet?? I honestly don't know. So hopefully in 2017 i'll be adding this to my read pile.
  4. The Red Pyramid - Okay, i'll fess up. This is the most embarassing one on the list. I've had this on my bedside table for....almost 3 years. Before Alex and I started dating, he gave me this and a bunch of other Riordan books. I read all of them except for this one - oops? If that wasn't bad enough, i've used this book of MULTITUDES of readathons and I'm ashamed to say that i'm still only half way through. The worst part is that i'm enjoying it....a lot. It's just one of those books that is so memorable it's easy to put down and forget about (for months, apparently) but still remember exactly what's happening. I'm determined to get this one DONE.
  5. The Mark of Athena - Again, i'm more than half way through this one and was loving it. I have the whole set in GORGEOUS hardbacks in a case and I can only say that because they're so beautiful, I don't like having them out of place. It's fine to pick up and read whilst i'm at home but they're definitely not being shoved in my bag or taken on trains etc. Which honestly limits my ability to read them. However, i'm desperate to move on to the newer Riordan/Percy-related books and so i'm going to have to bite the bullet and actually read them. With extreme care.
And they're my 5 books that give me the biggest book guilt! I only picked 5 due to limitations but also because it's way more realistic. I read around 60 books a year on average so 5 is completely doable without taking away any 'but i just really want to read ....' moments that will inevitably arise during the year! I would love to know what makes your lists so either leave them below or send me links to your own posts!

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