Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Review // Brain Freeze by Tom Fletcher

Published: 22nd February 2018
Publisher: Puffin
Format: Paperback
Synopsis: A little girl discovers that eating ice cream from her grandfather's old ice-cream truck gives her the power to travel through time, in this brilliant, funny and heartwarming story from bestselling author Tom Fletcher.

This gorgeously illustrated (by Shane Devries) book was written and released especially for World Book Day. I have so many wonderful memories of World Book Day from when I was a child and though I no longer get that special £1 book token to commemorate it, I do still always get one of the WBD books to hold on to that little tradition.

Since i'm still on my No Purchases in 2018 thing, Brain Freeze was actually a gift from my stepdad, perhaps a little forced but a gift nonetheless! I love Tom Fletcher's children's books and wasn't too happy about missing out this year - thankfully I didn't have to. Thanks Eif!

The main character is Izzy and I immediately loved her. She's bold, sassy and knows exactly what she wants in life - ice cream! Izzy's grandfather has the job that we can only dream of; an ice cream man. Brain Freeze isn't a light easy read despite its size and target audience. It tugs at your heart strings and the worries of children all around the world with an entertaining twist. Tom Fletcher is excellent at writing about tough situations that are tangible and relatable to children without being too severe or downtrodden and Brain Freeze is no exception.

Brain Freeze is a genuinely lovely story about a little girl and her love for her grandpa - and ice cream. it's an absolute steal for just £1 and is available in all local bookshops and supermarkets.

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