Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rachel Caine Book Signing

On Saturday 12th May, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Manchester and meet Rachel Caine at a book signing for her new book, Black Dawn.
I was so excited but also a little (okay, a lot) nervous.
I've only ever met one author before (Philip Pullman) and that was...awkward.

I have an irrational fear that meeting the author of a book that I adore will somehow ruin the magic for me. Does anyone else feel like that?
Well I had nothing to worry about. Rachel was so lovely and I got to chat to her for a good few minutes. I explained to her how I had travelled from Wales and how much I loved that Myrnin used Welsh in Black Dawn. She shook my hand and thanked me for going to see her - at which point I couldn't thank her enough for writing such wonderful books.

I also had the pleasure of discussing Myrnin's slippers with her. She very kindly explained that Myrnin's slippers are from Monty Python and are available to buy on! Definitely my next blow-out purchase I think! She also said that perhaps Claire was too young to understand the reference. (NB: I apologise if I understood this information wrongly.)

Here's a little sneak peak of information too - in book 13, we will see Morganville from Myrnin's perspective! I am SO excited about that.

Well, when we got done chatting, Rachel signed my copy of Black Dawn, and also Glass Houses with little personal messages. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was when I read that 'Shane' thought I was cool. Rachel brought the Morganville experience alive and it was lovely to see so many people turn out with their copies of Morganville books.

Interested in what I thought about Black Dawn? Check back on Sunday!

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