Monday, 18 March 2013

Review // The Underworld (Fallen Star #2) - Jessica Sorensen

Published - 31st July 2011
Publisher - Createspace
Format - Kindle
Synopsis - The Underworld is the sequel to The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Volume 1)
Gemma thought her mind was gone, but she was wrong. And now she is left trying to figure out the truth to what Stephan is planning to do with her and the star, before it’s too late.
But finding out the truth is hard, especially since Gemma doesn’t know who she can trust. There may be only one person who Gemma can turn to for answers, but that means having to go to the one place no one wants to go—The Underworld.

See my review of the first Fallen Star novel here.

The second book in the Fallen Star series, The Underworld didn't disappoint. Unlike the first book, the action began almost straight away, answering questions from the cliffhanger we were left with. Was Gemma's mind taken? Could Alex really do that? What IS that electric? (Okay, you have to wait a while for that last one...) 

Like any good series, I fell in love with Gemma & co. Sure they have their flaws but their actions are admirable and Sorensen tells their stories so well. There was a little less connection with them this time around because there wasn't much bonding time. We already knew the people, just not what their intentions were. However, The Underworld was shocking and had a lot of 'WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!' moments in it. As the title suggests, Gemma makes a trip to The Underworld and although it was a little underwhelming and seemed to fly right on by rather than have intense moments, it worked for the most part. Some of Gemma's emotions did come right off the page into me.

Emotions are a huge part of this book and on that note, something that worked incredibly well for me was that I had (and still!) no idea who to trust. The books are written by Gemma (she even talks to an assumed reader at times) and Gemma's emotions are unstable and unreliable. After all, she's only just got them! So we're never really sure who to trust and it makes for an unnerving read. The reader - well I do at least - has to rely on their own instincts and not Gemma's. It's actually quite brilliant. 

I'm really enjoying this series at the moment and i'm sure in the upcoming weeks i'll be here reviewing the third installment.

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