Monday, 17 June 2013

Meeting Rachel Caine + Morganville Web Series

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic author of the Morganville Vampire series on her signing tour for Black Dawn. When I heard that she was returning to the UK on a tour for Fall of Night, I just HAD to travel the 2 hours it would take to meet the wonderful, lovely lady that is Rachel Caine once again. There was a ton of people and Rachel was so lovely that she chatted, signed multiple books from multiple series and posed for photos with every single person there!

I got about 6 books signed as I didn't want to overwhelm her with my entire collection, and had a quick chat. I was pretty nervous as the Morganville series means a lot to me. Caine's incredibly well written strong, kickass female characters inspire me to become the same person myself. Morganville taught me that no matter what troubles lie in your path, you CAN succeed and be happy as long as you surround yourself with people who love and care for you. As the reluctant owner of multiple incurable health problems that affect my day to day life, reading is the one thing that I can do, no matter what and having such wonderfully well written books about interesting and again, strong characters helps me to know that I can overcome anything too! Rachel Caine is so inspirational to me and I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to meet her.

I left the signing with some awesome swag, a Morganville tote, ID card, resident bracelet and memories that will last a lifetime. She was even awesome enough to sign something and give me an extra bracelet for my nephew who is also a huge fan!

If you haven't read anything by Rachel Caine then I highly recommend any of her books! I recently started reading the Revivalist series so keep an eye out for the review in the future.

A huge thanks to Waterstones for hosting the event and to Rachel Caine for being an inspiration, a wonderful author and a genuinely nice lady!

As a side note - Rachel is holding a kickstarter in order to fund a web series for Morganville! I am SO excited for this to be a thing and the fantastic Amber Benson is signed on as Amelie! If you want to know more and/or wish to make a donation to the cause, you can find more on the kickstarter page here - Morganville Kickstarter

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