Thursday, 18 July 2013

Caragh Reviews - Jane Eyre: The Graphic Novel by Amy Corzine

Published - 2003
Format - Paperback
Synopsis - This Charlotte Bronte classic is brought to vibrant life by artist John M. Burns. His sympathetic treatment of Jane Eyre's life during the 19th century will delight any reader with its strong emotions and wonderfully rich atmosphere. Travel back to a time of grand Victorian mansions contrasted with the severest poverty and immerse yourself in this love story.

This beautiful graphic novel edition of Jane Eyre was the first thing I saw as I walked into my local library and I just HAD to take it out and see what it was like. As a recent Literature graduate, I'm a little bit sad to say that i've never actually read the entirety of Jane Eyre but i've seen a couple of adaptations. The graphic novel was so perfect for me. The 'quick text' alongside beautiful illustrations by John M Burns created a simple and easy imaginative storytelling of Jane Eyre that not only felt complete and true but also bumped up the real Bronte novel on my to-read list. 

For a taster of what you can expect from the graphic novel, I found quite a substantial amount of it online for free which you can read here - Classical Comics: Jane Eyre. The graphic novel has had some great reviews on goodreads and it's a definite thumbs up from me. I would imagine you would get more enjoyment from the novel had you read the original Bronte novel first but this is also a great way to 'test the waters' before you plunge into such a huge and admired novel. This is a great way to get kids into classical literature too and i'll definitely be looking for more of these next time i'm in the library!

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