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Caragh's Top Ten (but actually 7) Authors Who Deserve More Recognition

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It's been a while since i've done one of these! This week's topic is about authors eho deserve recognition. This was difficult as 90% of the books I read are already incredibly popular and the authors have an extensive bibliography to date! So forgive me if some of them seem a little strange.

1. Jana Oliver
I'm totally basing this off the Demon Trapper's series - which I haven't even finished yet! Though these books definitely offer their fair share of frustration, they are also incredibly addictive. The plot is just crazy enough to work without being insane and for the love of Beck, I need to get my hands on the final book asap!

2. Maria V Snyder
Ms Snyder has an impressive collection of books out there and though I now know (thanks to my own handy work) quite a few people who love her books just as much as I do but there still doesn't seem to be much buzz about her. Maybe i'm wrong & missing it, but either way she deserves much more attention.

3. Teri Terry
As far as i'm aware (and PLEASE do correct me if i'm wrong), Teri Terry just has the 2 books available right now, Slated & Fractured. Shattered will be released next year and i'm SO excited. However, both books in the Slated series are incredible reads, hardhitting, emotional, intriguing and just getting BETTER. Big things are going to happen for this lady!

4. Elizabeth Moon
Elizabeth Moon was recommended to me many, many years ago by an old friend and honestly, I didn't hold out much hope but her Paksenarrion series blew me away and I actually plan on doing a re-read of the collection pretty soon. Kick-ass female heroine on an incredible adventure? YES PLEASE.

5. Jessica Sorensen
Sorensen is really new to me but I hear that she also has a significant amount of books out there. I know her work from the Fallen Star series and I can't help but wonder why they're not as popular as other YA out there. Her writing is great, characters are flawed & brilliant and the books are so cheap!

6. Ruth Warburton
I am without a doubt EAGERLY anticipating Ruth Warburton's new novel Witch Finder, released in 2014. Warburton's 'Winter Trilogy' wasn't at all what I was expecting and though it certainly had it's moments, for the most part it was a great, quick and easy series. Again, I'm expecting great things from her future books.

Here's a little bit of a wild card. Reasons to follow!

7. Rachel Caine
Ok ok. So Rachel Caine is SUPER recognised and she has SO MANY incredible books but the reason I feel like she belongs on this list is because I think sometimes she's overshadowed by the huge success of Morganville. MV is one of my favourite series ever - hence why I talk about it ALL THE TIME. However, it's easy to forget that she is also the author of the Weather Wardens, Revivalists, Red Letters etc. All so different to each other but all so brilliantly written.

Well that's all I could really come up with but I think I did pretty well with 7. I find authors/books from other bloggers and booktubers and by the time I get around to reading them, they're already crazy popular with movies etc! I'm a bit behind the times. Let me know what authors you think deserve more recognition & leave links to your Top Tens!

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