Tuesday, 12 January 2016

#ReadRedRising Part II

Okay i'll admit it, i'm reeeeally behind on the Red Rising schedule! I don't want to give up though as i'm really enjoying the read, albeit slowly. So here are some quick thoughts on Part II.

The writing style and pace changes drastically in Part II. Everything is slowed right down as Darrow not only is introduced to a whole new world, but his entire being is changed. Literally. Part II was very detailed and honestly, it was absolutely fascinating! I think that's why my reading pace slowed down so much, as I savoured over the details of Darrow's transformation. I loved the relationship between Darrow and the carver (whose name has completely escaped me right now -.-). The intensity of Darrow's change and realisations of what has been happening to his people really got me. It was an emotional journey and I could feel Darrow's suffering.

Darrow has a lot of hard decisions to make and has to re-discover who he is and what he really wants to fight for. It's not easy and he makes a lot of bad choices but that only adds to his character and how real he is. Red Rising, so far, is full of pain but the kind of pain that you just know leads to great things. I can't wait to finish the final part.

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