Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy New Year....belatedly (FT. Challenges!)

Hello lovely readers!

I know I know, it's already 9th January so i'm a bit behind the times but honestly, the year has started with a bang and my attentions have been elsewhere. Unlike most of my posts, this one will be a bit of a long one so I hope you can stay with me.

On a personal note, my beautiful nephew was born at the very start of the year and I was honoured to be invited to be in the delivery room for his birth. Both mother and baby are healthy and doing wonderfully and i'm over the moon to be an Aunt again to Bobby Jack :)
Work started up again immediately after the New Year and so a lot of time has been spent getting back into the routine of things, fuelling myself with endless cups of tea and many many early nights. I have a lot of reading goals for 2016 (which i'll get to very shortly) but as a personal life goal i'm back at the gym, three mornings a week before work. It's exhausting, especially with my lifestyle and unsociable work hours, but i'm hoping to see great results by the end of this year! Which leads me on to 2016 on Loaded Shelves and what I hope is in store....

I have a WONDERFUL challenge post to share with you! Holly @ The Arts Shelf has created a 60 book YA Challenge (the link takes you directly to the post) which is not only achievable, but is so varied and roomy that it'll be super fun to complete. My GR challenge is also set to 60 books so fingers crossed, I can complete both challenges simultaneously! I've also created a separate page at the top of the blog dedicated to that particular challenge so that you can check my progress. So far so good - i've already filled in 2 of the challenge reads!

Other challenges i'm taking part in are a little less 'official'. In previous years i've set myself an eBook challenge - in which I read as many digital books as possible in order to lower the amount of physical books I have at home. I've finally reached the point where more than half of my annual read list is digital and so i'm clawing it back a little. In 2016 my aim is to read an even amount of physical and digital books. I desperately need to reduce my physical TBR whilst keeping up with netgalleys and digital books (which generally I get through more of, and quicker as it's more portable for work purposes!)

Let me know what challenges your taking part in this year and go and give Holly some blog love and check out her 60 YA Challenge!

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