Monday, 30 May 2016

Caragh Review // Book of Lies by Teri Terry

Published - 24th March 2016
Publisher - Orchard Books
Format - Kindle
Synopsis - They are trapped, frozen. Waiting. Straining against the wood that holds them. The unwary catch a glimpse now and then - feel their desperate hunger, see a glint of red eyes - and scurry out of the shadows of the wood, back to the light. She's coming; it will be soon. They will run free on the moors again. The Hunt will return. And the ground will run with blood. An ancient curse placed on a family of witches foretells that twins will be born - one good, one evil; and one will destroy the other. But who can be trusted when no one is as they seem?

I am a HUGE fan of Teri Terry. Her Slated series still remains one of my favourite series of all time and I cannot express the excitement I felt when I was approved for this book (thanks Netgalley!).

I'm a little late getting this review up (OK! A LOT) due to...reasons (read: extreme busyness) but I actually read it within 2 sittings. Almost immediately I felt drawn to the story, and in particular, Quinn. Despite being twins, I definitely felt the difference between the sisters within minutes.

Book of Lies is a mysterious, supernatural(?) story. It features false identities, family secrets, intrigue and magic - literally everything I love in a good book! A lot of the time with books like this, it can be pretty easy to figure out where the plot is going from early on in the story. However, Book of Lies kept me guessing right until the end. I honestly hadn't read anything like this before. The plot was fresh and new to me and the characters felt well considered and portrayed. Even though the girls were similar, they were unique and had completely singular voices within the story.

Strangely, since reading Book of Lies, i've actually come across the idea of 'The Hunt' again. It's definitely something i'll need to look into! I've always been incredibly put off by 'wolfish' tales - to which Brianna can attest and I'm not entirely sure why. Book of Lies was a great adventure and i'm glad I spent a couple of hours getting to know Terry's newest creation and characters - which is always a joy.

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