Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Letters Between Friends: Dear Holly

Dearest Holly,

It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve talked, I apologise for that. Life is hectic just like yours, not always in a good way but I’m trying not to dwell on that!

I’m still avidly following your Les Mis adventures on twitter and still avidly jealous. I look forward to the future and traipsing all of your favourite spots in London. As you know, i’m from a tiny village on the coast of North Wales so even the idea of London is terrifying to me – I mean, we don’t even have a pub, a post office, a shop....anything! The nearest shop is a 20 minute walk. Honestly, i’m not complaining but the cosmopolitan life of London would be slightly overwhelming.

I’ve heard great things about Dear Evan Hansen but sadly I haven’t listened to it yet, nor have I heard Hamilton – sooo behind the times!! However I do have some theatre-esque news: I’m going to see our darling Carrie Hope Fletcher reprise her role as Beth in War of the Worlds in December and I am SO EXCITED. Plus, Jason about a childhood crush lol.

I’m pretty happy with my reading to be honest. Obviously there’s always room for improvement but I’m reading daily even if it’s only a handful of pages. It’s really quiet at work right now (other than the daily drama!) so I’ve always got a book in my bag to fill any spare time I might have.
I think we might be down your way this coming weekend for a quick visit to the in laws but we’re not sure yet – finances dependent as always. I’ve been lacking a lot in my blog again in February so I have a lot of plans in place for this weekend to get things up to date again. Scheduling is my greatest friend when it comes to blogging.

 In my last letter I said I wanted to read The Magician’s Guild, a MV novel and A Mad Zombie Party and I’m so happy that I’ve actually managed to do it. As for new things, I still haven’t purchased any new books but I did get sent my first book mail in over a year: Sunflowers in February and I’m LOVING it. Plus, as of this morning, my pre 2018 pre-order of Rachel Caine’s ‘Honor Among Thieves’ arrived and my god it’s gorgeous! So excited to get stuck into that this weekend.

As always i’ll end this with a challenge update (speaking of, how is yours going?). As of writing this I’ve completed 9/50 which is 4 more than the last time I wrote – impressive!

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