Thursday, 1 February 2018

Shelf by Shelf #2

Welcome to week 2 of browsing through my shelves! This week brings you the shelf that brings me the most sadness. Anyone who has been reading this blog for the last few years has seen me coo over Rachel Caine. A lot. Frequently! So I hope you can appreciate how difficult it is to share this shelfie.

Firstly, some of these have actually been read. However, since reading them new books have been published and i've wanted to re-read and refresh myself on them before continuing the series. There's really no excuse though. I have been severely lacking in my reading habits. So what do we have?

Thin Air
Working Stiff
Two Weeks Notice
Devil's Bargain
Devil's Due
Ink and Bone
Paper and Fire
Ash and Quill
Stillhouse Lake
Killman Creek
Prince of Shadows
Kids of Appetite
Spy of Venice
The Princess Bride
Billy & Me 

To give you a little insight as to how long some of these may have been sitting on my shelf for; The Princess Bride was the first birthday present my fiance ever bought for me - 4 years ago. Knowing how much I devour Rachel Caine's books, on average I worked out it'd only take me 2-3 weeks to read all of her books on this shelf. So I really need to get stuck in soon!

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