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Dating Hamlet - Lisa Fiedler

It isn't easy dating a prince, especially when that prince is Hamlet. In fact, it drives Ophelia to madness... Or does it?

Since the death of his father, Hamlet has descended into deep depression. To make matters worse, the Danish court is filled with lies and deceit.

Was hamlet's father murdered by King Claudius?
Is Polonius truly the father of Laertes?
Who can be trusted as a friend, and who are enemies?

Ophelia has to find a way to save her prince and herself in this gripping novel full of romance, ghosts and a touch of alchemy.

Could it be that Hamlet ISN'T the great tragedy we've believed it to be for all these years...?

I bought this book a fair few years ago for 25p at an old bookstore. Being a big Shakespeare fan it interested me but until now I never really felt like reading it. I wish I had read it sooner!
Despite all of the bad reviews i've read about Dating Hamlet, I loved every minute of it. The relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia was so touching to read. I actually got emotional at how sweet they are together!

My favourite part in particular was definitely the ending. Hamlet and Ophelia lived and went on to Verona - the setting of Romeo and Juliet. The mention of a schoolfriend of Hamlet's by the name of Romeo and an apothecary that would be very interested in Ophelia's death-like sleeping potion made me laugh! How excellent would it be if Hamlet and Romeo were actually friends? Now THAT is a book I would read!

Obviously, it is not meant to follow the plot of Hamlet like it was scripture, and for that reason, I thought the book was fabulous and well worth the 25p I paid. A great find and just another reason why it's good to snoop around little bookstores rather than buying from places like Amazon (as wonderful as Amazon is!)

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