Saturday, 30 July 2011

Stefan's Diaries Vol 1 - L.J.Smith

Stefan and Damon weren't always fighting or succumbing to their bloodlust. Once they were loving siblings, who enjoyed all the riches and happiness that their wealthy lifestyle afforded them; loyal brothers who happened to both fall for the same beautiful woman. Once they were alive...

Most people who know me, also know that i'm not a fan of L.J.Smith's writing. However, being a big fan of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, I made my way through the books. This one however was different. I found that her writing was exciting and the story was fabulous. Katherine was finally portrayed as I imagined her to be and the relationship between the brothers was tender and enjoyable to read. This book was realistic whereas I found her previous works to be too farfetched and occasionally laughable. I am so glad that I continued reading her Vampire Diaries books and i'm very much looking forward to reading the next volumes in Stefan's Diaries.

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