Sunday, 31 July 2011

Marshmallow Magic and the Wild Rose Rouge - Karen McCombie

Lemmie Ferguson loves her eighteen-year-old sister Rose more than you can imagine. To Lemmie, Rose is everything - a best friend, hero, goddess.
Rose Rouge is impetuous, wild and arty.
Rose Rouge is FUN.

Thanks to the remarkable Rose, and Lemmie's own special marshmallow magic - her rainbow-coloured, vanilla-flavoured, sugar-spun way of looking at the world - Lemmie's life is bright and glittery and gorgeous.

But Lemmie's trying to forget that life hasn't always been so sweet. And then bullying, bossy Sian starts at school, and threatens to rub the sparkle off everything once and for all. Lemmie needs extra marshmallow magic now. She needs Rose Rouge. But where is she?

Marshmallow Magic..isn't the type of book I would usually read at all. Though with it being summer and the next university year coming faster than I imagined, I wanted something simple, sweet and fluffy to read before the big books come out. (I swear I will finish The Rainbow this week!)
It's definitely aimed at pre/young teens and so i'll review it as that. It was absolutely lovely.
I was bullied as a child myself so instantly I could relate to Lemmie (as most kids could, I imagine). Throughout the book Lemmie is sharing secrets and discovering who she really is, and how important relationships are.
I wasn't expecting the bombshell about Rose at the end of the book at all (no spoilers from me) but once it was revealed I felt even more protective of Lemmie. As a bullied child myself I had the same fears as her. How would I ever make friends? What if my friends decided to believe all the bad things people said? Why don't my parents realise what's going on?

Lemmie's story tells of a girl who faces her fears and comes out better for it. It shows that truth is important, especially when you're being true to yourself. It also shows that real friends stand by you no matter what, and the people who aren't there at the end were never worth bothering about. It's inspiring and a real feel good book.

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