Monday, 28 October 2013

DISCUSSION: Libraries.

My actual library

I recently read a post over on The Broke and the Bookish blog about how incredulous some people are that libraries are still an actual thing. I kind of just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

I am a huge advocator for libraries! I talk about my visits fairly frequently and more often than not I showcase the beauties that I pick up whilst i'm there. Brianna and I spent a LOT of time over the Summer just curled up in the chairs they have whilst reading books/mangas/anything! It hasn't always been that way though.

Until this year really, I didn't even think about the library, ever. I LOVE owning books. I love being able to leave notes to myself in them, pushing them on other people, always being able to to return to them if/when I feel like it. I can completely understand why some people ditch the libraries and go for a home library instead. Eventually though you remember that the reason you love books is because they contain incredible stories that you want to read and not because the come in nicely packaged parcels we call paperbacks.

I read an insane amount of books every year and there are SO many people out there who read even more than I do. This basically means that if I were to buy every single book that I read, not only would I have a crazy amount of books that I didn't actually like (because I can't ever get rid of any), i'd have nowhere to put them because i'd have spent all my money on them rather than bills!

The library is so much more than just books though and I think a lot of people forget that or aren't aware of it at all. My local library is very small but it has a great selection of books, audiobooks, cds, dvds and computers that are all available to anyone with a free membership. It provides a great, friendly and warm space to relax and get some quiet time. You'd be surprised at what your library can offer you.

If you're someone who hasn't visited the library in a while or are looking for something new to entertain yourself then I definitely urge you to go and visit your local library and see if it sparks any interest. Oh and I mention that they give you all of this for FREE? Seriously, go check it out.

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Josh Caporale said...

I agree with the notion of owning the books, because I am then able to read them at my own pace and don't have to worry about having to return them at a specific time.

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