Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Caragh Reviews - Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison

Published - 1st October 2013
Publisher - St Martins
Format - Kindle
Synopsis - On the first day of Christmas, Dina Gregory, former wild child and prodigal daughter returns home to New York on a mission. Finding her young son’s father and making him take responsibility for the child he created is the only thing on her wish list. But instead of finding the man she was looking for she runs into his stuffy older brother Ben.

Please note - I believe this is a novella that is part of a full series. I wasn't aware of that before reading and have not ready any of the books in the series. I am unaware whether this affects the reading of the novella.

I was looking for cute Christmas stories to read to help get me in the festive spirit and this was available as a galley so I thought, why not? Have Yoruself a Curvy Little Christmas tells the story of Dina and her baby boy who is on a mission to get Dash's father to accept some responsibility - if only financially. Dina doesn't quite get what she was looking for but instead she gets a whole lot more.

The novella for me didn't really offer what I was looking for. Though Christmas day takes place at the end of the book, I felt there was a distinct lack of festive spirit. Though Dina's 'take-no-crap' attitude was endearing and relatable, it was a little hit and miss. Dina strives to be independent to take care of her son, whilst all the while she is counting on the help of the mysterious Ben Rowe to take care of her. Granted, she doesn't expect help but she takes his help with very little questioning. I don't read novella's often so it's hard for me to really accept that such huge, momentous events could take place in just a couple of days. It didn't feel realistic to me and seemed to rely a whole lot on coincidence which I think is a bit of a cop out.

It took about an hour for me to read it and it wasn't bad but i'm not sure I would have paid to read it and I don't think i'll be reading it again.

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