Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Caragh Reviews - The Story of My Life by Anne Cassidy

Published - 1st January 2006
Publisher - Scholastic
Format - Paperback
Synopsis - It's life or death: his or yours. Tonight, Kenny is looking for Tommy Fortune. If he finds him, Tommy will be silenced, perhaps for ever. Kenny's not a bad guy. So where did it all go wrong? This is going to be the longest night of Kenny's life.

The Story of My Life is another book that was recommended to me by Brianna but this time it wasn't quite such a hit as the last one she recommended - sorry, Bri!

The Story of My Life, plotwise, was actually good. The book maintained mystery and intrigue throughout; beginning with Kenny on a mission to find Tommy but not actually revealing why until the very end of the book. The book uses flashbacks and current actions to describe how and why Kenny got to this night and what it is that the mysterious Mack wants with him.

Overall, it is the type of book that I enjoy reading; mystery, excitement, danger, unfortunately i'm not a fan of plots that go back and forth on their timelines unless the 'flashbacks' make themselves relevant as they are told - which didn't happen in The Story of My Life. I can't quite put my finger on the reasons I don't enjoy this type of thing but there we go. Everyone has something they don't enjoy sometimes! Much like my review of Junk, my favourite thing about this book was the moral implications and how incredible it is that one small decision can ultimately change a persons entire life. I think it's important to cover this in YA novels as the target audience for YA books are teenagers who are making the kind of decisions that can and will affect their future lives.

Though the plot devices used to keep this book intriguing didn't really work for me, I did really enjoy the actual story and I have been informed that other Cassidy books aren't like this so i'm looking forward to trying my hand at more of her work! Keep an eye out for Brianna's review of Looking For JJ by Anne Cassidy tomorrow!

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