Thursday, 25 January 2018

Shelf by Shelf #1

Welcome to the first shelf in the series. It's a little misleading actually, since this first one isn't actually a shelf and is more of a 'stack of books without a home yet' ;) We all have them, right?! So in the process of shuffling books around and trying to fit them onto the main bookcases, I pulled these ones aside as they're ones i'd love to get around to over the next few months. I know it's not really realistic for me, but it's better to reach for the stars than the kerb.

So what do we have here?
The Wizard of Earthsea
How to be Bad
Carve The Mark
There's Someone Inside Your House
Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index
Girl of Ink and Stars
The Story of English
Dangerous Creatures
A Monster Calls
Ready Player One
The Creakers
Lucifer Vol 1
When We Collided

I fully appreciate that for some people (myself included) this might be an entire years worth of reading. Well honestly, i'm embarassed by it too. As you'll see over the coming weeks, I have hundreds of books that have gone unread. I'm not proud of it, and i'm certainly not proud of the waste of money it'd be if I never read them. However! That's why I brought in my No Purchases 2018 Goal and why i'm doing this Shelf by Shelf mini series. To highlight the issue more solidly for myself. Hopefully as the weeks go on and i'll get more and more off these shelves too :)

Have you read any of these? Do you recommend any to be pushed higher up in my TBR? Let me know what you've had on your shelves forever!

Until next Thursday....!

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