Friday, 12 April 2013

Brianna's Review // Tooth & Nail (Rebus #3) - Ian Rankin

First Published:  1992  
Publisher: Orion
Format: Paperback
Synopsis: Sent to London to help catch a vicious serial killer, Inspector John Rebus teams up with a beautiful psychologist to piece together a portrait of a depraved psychopath bent on painting the town red—with blood...

This is the third book in the Inspector Rebus series. Though so far at least any one of the first three books could be a standalone book and the reader would have no problem understanding what is going on but I think you get a little more out of them if you have read them in order as it does reference previous events but you don't really need to be aware of them.

I really enjoyed reading this book and trying to guess who the murderer was (because we all want to beat the detective to it) and I think it’s safe to say that this time, Rebus and Rankin beat me to it. This book like the first two is also written from the point of view of multiple characters including that of the murderer (you’d think it would make it easier to guess who they are… but it doesn’t).  I also found this book quite humorous in places. Tooth & Nail unlike the previous two is set in London instead of Edinburgh but this doesn’t mean that this book lacks the details that Knots & Crosses and Hide & Seek have.  I hope that it is just due to the change in setting that Brian Holmes was not in it as I still have my hopes of him being a recurring character. Being in London, Rebus has a fair amount racism and a cultural barrier to deal with as well as trying to solve the murders. I’m starting to think that my gamble of buying the first five books has been a success 3 out of 5 down and so far I have really enjoyed them, I suppose I should start looking for the next few books I’ll need.

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