Thursday, 25 April 2013

No Books Allowed #1

Welcome to No Books Allowed. This is a new monthly feature hosted here, which is used to discuss things things in life which aren't connected to books. This post can be used to talk about days out, music, TV, video games, films etc for all those book bloggers out there who do occasionally do stuff other than read and go to book events!

I heard about this from Fluttering Butterflies and love this idea! The picture shows the original source and you can also find Raimy at Readaraptor :) So excited! So here goes.

This is my final semester in my final year of university (English Literature - of course!) which means I have thousands of words due to be handed in over the next few weeks so i'm incredibly stressed out. It's been rather nice too though as April is my birthday month and we found out that both of my sisters are having baby girls - it's going to be a busy summer for the family :)

Days out
At the beginning of the month, my flatmate had an old school friend come to stay and so we went for a day trip to the zoo. The weather was well behaved (always a worry in soggy Wales!) and we had a brilliant time. Going to the zoo is one of my favourite things to do.

For my birthday I went to visit some of my best friends for a joint late/early celebration. There's a bit of a distance between our hometowns so it was really nice to get out there and just do normal friendy things. We went for a meal and followed it up with my first ever Starbucks! I'm a convert, I think.

On my actual birthday I had a small, somewhat fancy tea party (& when I say fancy I mean it was on my living room floor, surrounded by superhero figures... but we used doilies) and the following day, using my birthday present (classic wicker style picnic basket), my best friend and I went for a picnic on the beach followed by the gym..perfect!

Game of Thrones season 3! So good and just so wonderfully beautiful. Great storylines, great action, great characters/actors. One of the best shows out there.

This month I also heard Paramore's new album for the first time and was somewhat disappointed, but i'm giving it time to improve ;) Most excitingly in the world of music, as a birthday present to myself, I bought tickets to the Alter Bridge/Shinedown/Halestorm tour in October! It will be my 4th time seeing Shinedown, 2nd time seeing Halestorm and I am SO excited for Alter Bridge, having been a fan for many years.

I absolutely adore my xbox though I haven't had much time to play for the past year :( But with graduation coming up I treated myself (and my also addicted flatmate) to Forza Horizons. I can't wait to get some time to sit down and play it but for now..motivational! ;)

I had so much fun doing this so it may become a regular feature on Loaded Shelves too. Such a great idea!

- Caragh.

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