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Caragh Reviews - Percy Jackson & The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan

Published - 1st August 2010
Publisher - Puffin
Format - Paperback
Synopsis - Freshman orientation is about mastering new things, but this is ridiculous. Percy didn't expect that in his first week at school, he would have to face a squad of demon cheerleaders. And the dangers are far more than scholastic: Kronos's armies are threatening even the relative safety of Camp Half-Blood. The fourth installment of Percy Jackson and the Olympians deals out action, surprises, suspense, and gripping characters.

I've been reading the Percy Jackson series on and off for a while now and i'm finally nearing the end! I absolutely ADORE these books and Battle of the Labyrinth was no exception. From the opening line until the book ended I was completely hooked, on the edge of my seat and in love with the characters and the world that Riordan has created.

The one constant in Percy's life since finding out his true parentage has been Camp Half-Blood. It's a home, he has friends, loved ones and a purpose but this time, it is far from safe. Percy & co must save Camp Half-Blood and stop Kronos from rising, no matter what it takes. I found this book was a lot faster paced because of the threat to the Camp and to those Percy loves. It also introduced more Gods and their children which is just one of the things that I love about this series - I'm actually learning something. I know next to nothing about mythology but I can definitely hold my own now! I'm actually looking at getting some non-fiction books about mythology soon thanks to Percy. 

One problem I have with the series, which isn't a problem at all really, is that I love Luke. He is so well written (though cryptically). I harboured grand ideas that somehow, Luke would redeem himself and return to Camp Half-Blood as family and not as an enemy. For anyone who has read the book, you'll understand why my certainty about Luke is waivering. I am SO anxious to find out what the hell is going on that it takes up a lot of my time! I've invested way too much into the Percy Jackson series lol! Though i've been spreading out the books hugely, I plan on reading the final book this week and so with that in mind, this isn't an overly insightful review as I feel i'd just repeat myself with the next review! 

As a little side note - if anyone has read the second Olympian series by Rick Riordan - do you recommend it?

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