Thursday, 9 January 2014

INTRODUCING: Shakespeare Made Simple

The two of us here at Loaded Shelves often have really nerdy and lengthy talks about Shakespeare, his plays and his relevance in today's society. Caragh is a self-professed Shakespeare fanatic and wrote her Undergraduate dissertation on the Big Man and Brianna has never read a word. I know, I know - how can we have a conversation about Shakespeare if Brianna has never read his work? Well, there are other ways and over the year we are going to explore different mediums to access the plays without reading them but still gain the understanding of each one.

We hope that by sharing the things we find, it will encourage you (and Brianna) to pick up the play afterwards, once you have grasped a basic understanding of what's going on!

Every month we will share with you what we are looking at pertaining to one Shakespeare play and at the end of the third month, we'll combine everything together into one big post where Brianna will reveal whether she was interested enough to read the real play, whether she will pick it up in the future, or whether regardless of the easy accessible versions she just isn't interested.
So in a nutshell: 3 months, 3 new ways of discovering a specific Shakespeare play!

First up is Macbeth so look out for our first new material later on this month.


Josh Caporale said...

I took a Shakespeare class in the Fall of 2012. While I love literature, Shakespeare is not my area of major interest. Perhaps dissection like you're planning on engaging in should help!

Loaded Shelves said...

That's the plan! Hopefully we find something that suits you more than the play :)

Amy said...

Loving this idea, naturally. Can't wait to see if Brianna can be convinced!

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