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BLOG TOUR // Deja Vu of Love - Carol Cadoo

It just couldn’t be, no way, things like this don’t happen in real life… yet there he stood. Stunning, arrogant and ok Jazz Kelly had to admit it sexy as hell. Have you ever had that feeling you’ve experienced something before a smile, a sigh, a touch a look... Oh my god the look, when Jazz Kelly saw "the look" she almost collapsed. That's when Jazz knew, this was Déjà Vu Of Love.

 Deja Vu of Love centres around Jazz Kelly who is an unlucky orphan who is struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof over her head when a lucky strike hits her and she becomes the focus of local radio stars who are furiously trying to help her find her feet. Jazz's lucky break leads her down a rocky road of adventure, true friendships and of course, love.

Jazz was a character that I immediately felt concerned for, her early struggles are relate-able and just like myself, she tells us how it is! However, my favourite character in Deja Vu of Love has to be Patrick. Patrick is the perfect best friend who stands by Jazz no matter what and isn't afraid of telling her the truth - which is what she needs. There were definitely times I wanted to shout some sense to her and Patrick was there to do it for me. All of the characters in Deja Vu of Love are down-to-earth and fun, not to mention the possibility of swooning over the main love interest!

The story itself is different from what I usually read but it's the summer of 2012 and every girl should pick up a fun, light-hearted romance to read in the sun - Deja Vu of Love fills that role and is a nice quick read.

Deja Vu of Love is a charming Indie Romance novel by the wonderful Carol Cadoo. Today am lucky enough to be the host on Carol's blog tour promoting her new novel.

Hi Carol, thank you for doing this interview for Loaded Shelves as part of the Déjà Vu of Love blog tour! 

What inspired you to write Déjà vu of Love?
I have never been sure of that it just sort of hit me. Wow I have just written a book in my head; I need to write this down.  I asked my assistant/best friend Danny to go get me two packs of yellow legal pads and pens.  I started writing and I have not looked back.  I still write everything out in long hand on yellow legal pads.  It connects me to the work in progress and the people who inhabit the space of my reality in the middle of a write.  It should be noted I do not actually write the book, my characters do I just listen, channel and scribe.  (Carol is smiling)

Have you always wanted to write? 
You know, yes, since I was in the fourth grade and read Betty Smiths A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  It was the first book I read that made me feel.  Not by the story but by the words.  That was a what up moment.  Then in the 6th grade I wrote my first book for a class assignment.  Titled Wilbur the Waterlogged Waggondorf.  Mrs Allan wrote “someday I may be buying your book.”  I loved the way “your book” looked.  From then on I knew someday I would write but for years I was busy living.  I think equally important to writing skills you have to have living experience.  

The focus of Déjà vu of Love is firmly on the main character, Jazz. How similar are you and Jazz?
Hmmm, you know I am not sure if she is me or I am her.  At some point bits of me came out I can see them when I read her.  I think the telling sign is my ex -husband who told me once “Carol , your biggest problem is you don’t know how to quit.”  I think that part of me became Jazz.  

What are the three things that you can’t survive without whilst writing?
Cold Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pepsi and Cigarettes.
Déjà vu of Love is self-published, was that something you had always planned to do? 
I prefer to think of my genre as Indie Publish.  We are a breed among cats, most are irreverent, refuse to color in the lines and don’t let editors change our storyline.  We have trouble playing in the sandbox with others.  So it is a form of publishing that suits my control freak personality.  Believe me when I tell you I can get my control freak on.  Especially with my babies I love them so.  Difficult enough to turn them out into a real world that sometimes will not be kind.  Never mind with Big Brother breathing down my neck for a deadline.  Deadline, smedline let no book pop before it’s time.  I refuse to write on deadline I write on completion to mine and the characters satisfaction.  Of course I want people to like what I write.  At the same time not everyone is going to like it.  As John Paul Sarte said “I disagree with what you say but, will defend with my life your right to say it.”   Live and let live but I love Indie Publishing because there is no wall between me and the reader.  Just me, them and the characters kicking it on a Sunday afternoon in a hammock. 

Who are some of your authors, and have they influenced your writing in any way?
I don’t know that they influenced my writing style with the exception of the Diva Danielle Steele.  I read The Promise and found my genre.  Love writing Chick Lit/Romance.  But I do love to read Robert Ludlum, Ann Rule, John Grisham and from way back Harold Robbins.  Those are the books I read when I am not in rewrite mode.  When I am in rewrite mode I have six of my favourite Nancy Drew books I keep.  No worry about stealing anything from Carolyn Keene. LOL 

After a turbulent adventure, can readers expect to see more of Jazz and Gianni in the future or has their story come to a natural end for you? 

You know I think that their story has been told, they now need the privacy to grow. (Carol is smiling) However this is the first book of my stand alone trilogy Nightstand of Love.  Inheritance of Love the second in the trilogy will be out November 15th 2012 and the third Journey of Love is scheduled for February 1st 2013 release.  They are all stand alone cousins if you will, none are tied together except in theme.  

Finally, how can readers pick up their own copies of Déjà vu of Love?
My book is sold exclusively on Amazon here is the link - Buy Deja Vu of Love
They can also follow me on Facebook & Twitter (@CarolCadoo) - Carol's Facebook

Thanks for your time, I wish you the best of luck with Déjà vu of Love!

Here is the link to Carol's book trailer on YouTube - Deja Vu of Love Trailer

Author of Deja Vu of Love - Carol Cadoo


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