Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review // A Witch in Love - Ruth Warburton

Published - 5th July 2012
Published By - Hodder Children's Books
Format - Paperback
Goodreads Synopsis - Anna still finds it hard to believe that Seth loves her and has vowed to suppress her powers, no matter what. But magic – like love – is uncontrollable. It spills out with terrible consequences, and soon, Anna is being hunted.

The second book in Ruth Warburton's Winter series, A Witch in Love continues Anna's story and her magical development. I wasn't sure whether I was going to pick this up at first. I enjoyed the first book, A Witch in Winter, as a nice 'filler' book. Although the ending left me wanting answers and to find out what was going to happen to Anna, I wasn't overly attached to the series. After spotting it on the shelf though, I had to buy it and i'm glad that I did.

A Witch in Love started off slowly and I was frustrated by the 'lovey-dovey' romance that Anna and Seth share. Seth is a nice boy but c'mon...where's the excitement? Thankfully though, things picked up and by the mid-way point I was enthralled and couldn't put it down. The action scenes were fantastic and without too much of a spoiler - that wind was AWESOME.

I simply love Abe's character. He's quick-witted, opinionated and much more of a heartthrob than Seth. I really hope his character is developed more in the next book in the series! I only wish there was less fawning over Anna; she seems irresistible to men?! 

...Moving on! The family storyline was brilliant and I definitely want to know more about Isla/Isabella and I want the answer to why Anna is so important. The end of A Witch in Love had me sobbing like a lovesick teenager (despite my anti-Seth views!) and I genuinely can't wait to see what's going to happen now. Everything is all up in the air and it's time for Anna to face her past, present and future.

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