Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Book Haul

I haven't done one of these in so long so the list is pretty big and i'm sure that i've forgotten something.
So here are the books that I acquired in the past few weeks.

1. Uglies - Scott Westerfeld
2. Pretties - Scott Westerfeld
3. The Master of Whitehall - Rick H Veal
4. Jack's Outpost - Elizabeth Braun
5. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
6. A Witch in Love - Ruth Warburton
7. Between The Lines - Jodi Picoult (Review already up!)

As well as those, I also have some books on loan from friends.

8. All of the Weather Warden books by Rachel Caine
9. First 3 books of Percy Jackson &  the Olympians by Rick Riordan

I have no idea when i'll actually get round to reading all of those and for the moment, i'm reinforcing the book buying ban again!
I'm currently half way through The Master of Whitehall so expect that review up as soon as possible :)

Have you read any of these? What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading :)


Strange-buzz said...

I quite enjoyed reading the Percy Jackson books, and they have the side effect that you learn about greek mythology :)

Cazztronomical said...

I'm looking forward to the Greek mythology :)

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