Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Goals

2018....nice to see ya!

Like the majority of people reading this I am TERRIBLE at keeping up with resolutions & goals etc but it doesn't stop me trying. I find it a really healthy way to go into a new year with something to aim for. I personally use the term "goal" because it really is a target to aim for and not something to be upset about not achieving. Every step taken towards a resolution is worth celebrating! With that said, several of my 2018 goals are not for the long term; just a short boost to the new year. So here's what i'm working towards this year, both bookish and none bookish!

I actually started this one a little earlier - 30th to be exact! I spent SO MANY HOURS in 2017 endlessly scrolling through facebook over and over and over get the point. I failed my reading challenge and though i'm not blaming it entirely on facebook, I can count just how many hours I wasted LAST WEEK on it instead of reading, and I definitely could have finished a couple more books. My mental health often suffers for it too. With everyone so excited to share every bit of both good and bad news, it can become a bit of a nightmare with the constant comparisons between my life and theirs. Though I fully expect it to only last a couple of weeks, i'm truly looking forward to the app being deleted for a while and just focusing on what I'M doing instead of everyone else!

I struggled with this one for a while and what to do. I know a lot of people have started setting their challenges on goodreads to 1 so that the pressure was off for the rest of the year. I could do that, I guess but it just wouldn't be as exciting to me. I love checking how far ahead I am or how far behind. Getting that little bit of a rush when you're slacking a little bit and having to binge read over a weekend! So I needed to find a balance between the two. Eventually I decided that i'm just sticking to the original 50 book challenge. 2018 is set to be a busy year for me and 50 will definitely be challenging - I only just made it last year! (53/65)

Buying Books
This is another one that definitely isn't achievable for an entire year but i'm excited about nonetheless.  For as long as it lasts - NO BOOK PURCHASES IN 2018! Oh yeah, you read that right. At some point in the new year i'm going to do some shelf tours - probably in the form of photos because it's less anxiety ridden for me, and you'll start to see the problem I have. My shelves have gone WAY past loaded now. With help from my fiance (did I mention, i'm getting married...;)), we decided that pre-orders don't count as i've had some in the bag for months now and that if anything MAJOR comes out (i'm talking series that i'm already invested in) then he will buy them as gifts for birthday/anniversary/valentines/christmas etc throughout the year so that I don't have to wait too long. As I said, one Waterstones trip with Holly and i'm sure that will all go out of the window but i'm going to try! As a little side note - it's been a LONG time since i've actually bought any books already and i'm SUPER proud of myself. 2018 is the year of slaughtering that TBR!

Weight Loss
I know this is probably at the top of everyones list after all of the gorgeous christmas food but i've actually been working on this already (i'm on week 8!). Granted i've put on 4lb over the last 2 weeks off plan but i've still lost over half a stone already and i'm excited to get back on plan after NY dinner with the in laws.

Enjoy Our Home
This sounds crazy, right? But after almost a year of being homeless and saving for our 2019 wedding, my fiance and I are looking forward to spending a lot of time at home. We've got so many box sets, films and books to get through, plus we've started a growing board game collection (Would anyone be interested in board game reviews on here?! Let me know!). We're hoping to have friends over for film and games nights and just generally get cosy and make the most of our home & save money. Don't worry, we won't become complete hermits - we got a weekend away & concert tickets for Christmas!

So those are my goals - some more difficult than others but i'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what happens! I'll also try and keep you updated on them as and when. You'll notice i've not made any goals to keep blogging & post reviews etc - 2018 is about putting less pressure on myself. Of course i'm hoping these last few posts are a sign of great things to come, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Happy new year!

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Annamarie Smith said...

I like your idea of setting goals, so once I've finished posting this reply I'm going to think of some for myself. :)

I have found myself this last month or two just scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reading people's posts or watching videos people have posted but I can't delete it as it's the only way I can talk to the people I talk to when I'm feeling low.

At the start of 2017 I set my Goodreads goal to 52 as I wanted to read a book a week but by March/April I was way behind so I changed it to 35, then in November when I ended up moving back to mums I just stopped reading so at the end of November as I was only on 22/23 books I changed it to 30 not expecting to read 30 but I managed to get to 33 so I wish I had left it at 35 now and just failed it lol. This year I am leaving it at 35 so when I see it saying "You are x books behind" it will hopefully motivate me to read more. 95% of my books are still packed away at Jonny's so I have decided that because I have been getting loads of books from the free section on Amazon every few months for the last 5/6 years (I have nearly 3 thousand) I am going to read them this year along with finally reading the Harry Potter and Twilight series.

Buying Books
Believe it or not I hardly bought any books last year and I plan on doing it again this year. I too have some pre-ordered and I will be buying any that I need to finish a series I've been reading, any written by Jessica Brody, Alyson Noel and the Fletcher's as I have all their others (Not all of them have been read though). Are you only counting this not buying books goal as not buying yourself any this year? I like to buy books for mum, Sarah and the kids for their birthday or Christmas.

Weight Loss
I started this with my medical gym pass that I had from November 2016 to about March 2017 and I managed to go from 72kgs to 68kg, then in September last year I signed up for the gym and was going regularly and I even started going swimming and because I had to move it's gone out the window but I do want to lose some more weight. I'm proud you've managed to lose weight, maybe you can give me some tips on how you've managed to do it.

Enjoying Our Home
Now I'm stuck at mums I'm trying to save money too (I'm trying to move out) So I'm stealing your plan of staying at home more and doing jigsaws and playing board games (I have monopoly) with the siblings maybe play more Sims 3 seeing as I have them all and these are not going to cost me a thing. I plan on reading more, writing more and catching up on some films too.


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