Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Top Ten Tuesday | Bookish Resolutions/Goals

So! This is the first week of That Artsy Reader hosting TTT - hurrah! It's sad to see the demise of Broke & The Bookish but onwards and upwards. This weeks topic is: Bookish Resolutions/Goals. I already posted a little about this so i've tried to think a bit more about my long term goals. As usual, I couldn't actually make 10, so here are 5 Resolution/Goals I have for 2018!

1. Organisation
The organisation that I had for my books works really well for me, but over the weekend i've tried to mix it up a little. So until now I had bookshelves for those i'd read and bookshelves for those I hadn't or wish to re-read. The unread/re-read books have taken over my house in the last couple of years for various reasons and it just looked....well....awful. So i'm trying out a new system and fingers crossed it works out.

2. No purchases in 2018
I've mentioned it a couple of times but it seems worthwhile to say it here as it's my biggest bookish goal this year. Throughout 2018 I'm attempting to purchase no new books! So if they are free, netgalleys, gifts or one of the few pre-orders I made in 2017, they're all good to go! I haven't struggled at all yet but there are a few books coming out this year (MAUREEN JOHNSON!) that might push me over the edge. Fingers crossed I can hold off and get things as birthday presents etc. Wish me luck!

3. What I Want/When I Want
Having struggled to read, well, anything over the last few years i've decided to take a What I Want When I Want approach. All I want to read is comics and graphic novels? Fine. Want to re-read 60 books rather than 10 new ones? Fine. No more putting pressure on myself for anything. I'm easing back into the blogging world and trying to find my own entertainment from it rather than providing entertainment. If I start and half read 50 books this year, well that's an accumulative 25 "read". I'm focusing on the actual reading part rather than the finished products.

4. Not Just Reading
This links into the last one a little. I'm realising that having a bookish blog doesn't just mean I review books. If I don't post a single review in 2018 but there's regular content discussing all kinds of bookish things then i'll consider that an achievement too.

5. More Non Fiction
This is probably going to be the most challenging for me. I want to read more Non Fiction, particularly the books that I already bought as part of Emma Watson's Our Shared Shelf so as not to breach goal #2. I've had some of these books for a long time and ALWAYS choose Fiction over them. I WANT to read them, so i'll try and set aside some time this year to get through a couple of them.

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