Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Top Three New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

First off, I haven't done these in FOREVER.
Secondly, I know it's supposed to be 10 and i've only picked 3 but give me a break! I spent the majority of the year crying and re-reading old books =P 

1. Joe Hill
I'm not sure if this counts but as it's my list, I say it totally does! Locke and Key was recommended to me and I was hooked instantly! As I write this, i'm almost done with Volume 3 and i'm so mad it took me so long to actually read! Excellent content, incredible art work and just all around great stuff.

2. Matt Haig
2017 was a bad mental health year for me and I received one of his books LAST Christmas. I've actually got a couple of his books on my never ending TBR but in 2017 I finally picked one up and devoured it. Looking forward to seeing what else he's written!

3. Giovanna Fletcher
I've been watching Tom, Giovanna & Carrie for a long time on YouTube and knew she was an author but honestly just didn't think it would be my kinda thing. However, I spent a LOT of 2017 following the Fletcher family (in a non creepy way....!) and finally dove in and loved her writing style. I actually met her recently too!

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Annamarie Smith said...

So jealous that you got to meet Giovanna, I wish I could go to more author events.

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