Monday, 22 January 2018

Letters Between Friends: Dear Holly

Dearest Holly,
It feels good to be writing to you again! This is only week 3 and I already find myself thinking throughout the week 'I must remember to share this with Holly!'.

Like you, i've had a stressful week. Monday was officially 'Blue Monday' which is nationally recognised as being the most depressing day of the week - and I really did struggle. Getting back into the swing of things post the festive fun has been difficult and work has been, well, pretty dreadful to be honest. However i'm happy to report that so far I am coping well and all of the things i'm doing to protect my mental health are going well. As you mentioned, I've recently started a BuJo for the first time. In the interest of being honest here, i've missed a LOT of days but that's only helping me to realise that I have little structure to my days right now and my habit tracker is very miserable! I'm only easing in to it though and so maybe i'll share a few snaps throughout February so you can see exactly what i've been tracking. It'd be great to see yours too!

Jumanji was GREAT! I enjoyed it much more than I anticipated and I think it'll definitely become a dvd purchase in the future. We also ended up at the cinema last weekend too to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi and OH MY DAYS it was brilliant! It's so wonderful watching new characters thrive in such an old and beloved setting. Star Wars will truly be timeless and I can't wait to experience my future children watch it too. Plus, BB8!

You always have such a wonderful time at Les Mis. I'm just hoping that after all these years, it stays on the stage a little longer so that after the wedding is all paid for and our purse strings are a bit more loose, I can go with you and see the magic. Maybe we could find a stagey show a bit closer to home later in the year.

This weekend has been very film heavy too. In 24 hours we managed to fit in 7 Disney films and a LOT of pizza & cake. You know you've found The One when he happily sits through HSM 1-3 with you without much of a grumble. I have another long week ahead of me at work this week. I have the kind of job that half kills me July-October but the rest of the year is completely dead. Finding ways to challenge my brain for 8 hours a day is probably the hardest part of working for my company. However, next weekend we blissfully have no plans and so i'm hoping to crank out a couple of books. I'm half way through The Magician's Guild by Trudi Canavan, 2 thirds of the way through a MV novel (re-read!) and about a quarter into the final White Rabbit Chronicles series. I'm determined to smash my TBR this year!

I'll end this here and every letter hereafter with a little update on my reading challenge - to keep me motivated! As of writing this, i've completed 5/50 books which puts me at 3 ahead. Score!

Can't wait to hear from you next week xx

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