Wednesday, 8 February 2012


It's official.
I've known it for a while now but it is definitely official.
I have an addiction to buying books.

There, I said it.
It's actually worse than my addiction to READING them which is why i'm making this public.


I have a lot of physical books, a fair amount of kindle books and WAY too much literary criticism to read for my degree. I need to stop spending precious money on books when I don't actually have the time to read them!

So, blog followers, I hereby announce that other than course related books, I will not purchase a new book until I have read at least TEN books that I already own and need to read.

Goodreads Challenge 8/50
Chick Lit Challenge 0/5
Debut Author Challenge 1/5
Dystopian Challenge 0/5
Paranormal Fantasy Challenge 2/5

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