Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review // City of Shadows - Celia Rees

Davey's grandmother has always told him he was "the gift" - Second Sight, some call it. But it never seemed real - just a stupid old wives' tale. Until now...

It is the summer of his twelfth birthday, and Davey, his sister Kate, and his twin cousins, join the hoards of tourists eager to catch a glimpse of the legendary underground city in Davey's hometown. A harmless trip. Just a bit of fun. But for Davey it is the start of a nightmare, and a long, terrifying battle with the dead...

City of Shadows was recommended to me by a friend. This series was one of her favourites as a young teenager and I can sort of see why. Younger me, would have loved these books. They have the right amount of creepy and a good assortment of characters to keep the story flowing. Unfortunately (as much as I still do read and love children's literature) it was perhaps a little too childish for me. Amidst all of the Shakespeare and Orwell I am currently reading for my degree, I fear that I judged this book too harshly when reading as my critical blinkers were turned on. As the first in a trilogy though, I plan to finish the next 2 books over the summer when I have more time to read books for enjoyment and wont be comparing it to the greats that are top of my reading list.

Goodreads Challenge 6/50
Chick Lit Challenge 0/5
Debut Author Challenge 0/5
Dystopian Challenge 0/5
Paranormal Fantasy Challenge 1/5

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