Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review // Zombicorns - John Green

Zombicorns by John Green was never written to be a published thing. From what I remember, it was written for charity. This book is not available for sale but it can be found online for free. I don't have time to look for the link right now but if you can't find it, i'm willing to send it by email. Just ask in the comments.

I didn't enjoy this story as much as I do the other books he has written but I think that's because it's so short and I didn't get into it enough. However, I DID still like it and it is some powerful writing.

Green makes some beautiful comments on society and what it means to be a person. Although in true John Green style, it's not overloading at all and humans are compared with dogs in an amusing but thoughtful way.

Another of my personal favourite moments is when Caroline shouts, “LEEERRROOOY JEEENNKKIINNNSS!” Despite the fact that two teenage girls are literally fighting for survival in a world gone mad, there are still huge elements of fun. (Leroy Jenkins being a video that went viral.)

Zombicorns successfully shocked me towards the end and its twist (if that's the right word to use) came out of nowhere for me. That doesn't happen very often.

This should be a definite read for any nerdfighter and zombie lover and also for those who just want a quick short read :)

Goodreads Challenge 12/50
Chick Lit Challenge 0/5
Debut Author Challenge 2/5
Dystopian Challenge 3/5
Paranormal Fantasy Challenge 2/5

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