Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Hello October // Brianna hates magic!... or does she?

I’m sure it has been mentioned before but if you asked me if I like magic or things about magic my immediate response would be no, no way, hell no and I’d probably laugh at the idea. In my opinion magic is cheesy, a gimmick not to be taken seriously. 

I immediately picture black and white wands, white rabbits in hats, capes and the word abracadabra. There is not a single thing about that mental image that I like; and let’s not even mention handkerchiefs joined together or pulling doves or bunches of flowers out of sleeves. Maybe I had a bad experience with a magician once. 

I really, really struggle not to associate the word magic with that kind of cheesy children’s party magician because I know that is not what all magic is, but it’s that split second where someone says magic and my mental image pops up that puts me off reading whatever they are talking about.

But the biggest problem is that I don’t actually dislike magic I loved the harry potter series (and loads of other magic books); I used to say that I didn’t like magic books except harry potter. But that is also not true, I felt devastated the day that I was informed that I didn’t hate magic (yes it came as a surprise to me), somehow I had been reading books about and involving magic for years without seeming to realise it! Turns out I really quite like it but for some reason I still struggle to get over my initial reaction. Does anyone else have this reaction to magic or is it just me?

I have recently realised that this may have something to do with the way you classify what magic is and what kind of magic it is which will be explored in the next instalment in my magic posts, there are 3 because 3 is a magic number!

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