Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hello October // Jesse + Inktober

Todays post comes from Jesse, a fellow Nerdfighter who wanted to talk a little bit about a project he took part in last October. Thank you Jesse!
Ok, so here's the deal.   Last year in October I was introduced to a concept by some online artists...they called it "Inktober".  Basically, every day in October you draw a picture and ink it. Sounds pretty simple.  The point is to help artists practice their inking skills and get some encouraging feedback.  So, I drew about 20 pictures, and posted them on Facebook and was kind of pleased with how some of them turned out.  I'll say something about a few of them.  

One is a drawing of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor...first I got a picture of him, drew a grid on it, drew each block on another grid, inked it, then erased the grid and scanned was pretty time consuming and difficult, but I think it turned out ok, and people were able to identify him, which is good.

Another was a request by someone, I asked what they wanted to see and they said "the Moth Pope" so I threw together a quick sketch of the pope if he were a moth.  Last time I saw the person who asked for it it was their background image on their desktop.

Some of these are superheros re-imagined as the opposite sex.  There's a female Flash,

a female Superman

and lastly, Starfire if she were a man.  

I elected to not change the costume as an attempt to highlight some problems in how men and women are drawn in the comics.

There is a picture of a tree that is dropping its last leaf onto a pile, I drew it for my daughter Jeanne as a birthday present.
Lastly, I drew Loki and used marker to color did not come out well, in my opinion.

Here are some links you might be interested in!

Jesse's DeviantArt:
Jesse's Facebook:

Please get in touch if you'd like to be featured during the month. Any submissions are accepted as long as they are received by 30th October

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