Saturday, 1 October 2016

Hello October // First of Halloween!

Hello, October! 
October is my absolute favourite month of all time. I could literally talk about it all month.....and that's exactly the plan ;)

This October you can expect to see a bunch of posts here on Loaded Shelves. Some are from me, some are from guests but ALL of them are October themed in one way or another. I am so ridiculously excited. We've tried to add a lot of different things but it's actually been quite difficult. For the first time ever i've struggled to find people to get involved and so I hope that you enjoy the Octoberish content that i've managed to put together for you guys.

It's my favourite time of the year and I'm filled with so much excitement and anticipation. It's the last leg of the year, reading challenges are abound as people rush to the finish line and it's now totally acceptable to wear scarves and boots with every outfit. YES!

That being said, I have spent the 1st October (or as I like to call it, 1st of Halloween) in true autumnal fashion: shopping & baking. I took my mum out shopping for cake ingredients so that we could bake a birthday cake together and it was lovely! I also got my autumn boots (i'm already in love with them) and brand new flannel pjs. My beautifully old and distinguished 19th century cottage is FREEZING now and...who am I kidding? I don't even need an excuse to buy new pjs.

It's not just mentally that i've been preparing for the best month, ever. In preparation for a full month of blogging, my desk has had a little bit of a makeover in honour of the occasion and the Halloween drinking vessels have made an appearance! I would love to see your photos of how you've been preparing for the month - if you have. It's recently been brought to my attention that uh, October just isn't that special to some people. Bah, humbug! =P

Also, just to finish off for the day, here's a photo of the outfit I wore today:

Happy Halloween, Witches ;)

I would officially like to open Hello October and get started with a truly magical month!
Please get in touch if you'd like to be featured during the month. Any submissions are accepted as long as they are received by 30th October.

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