Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hello October // Holly's Halloween Favourite Foods

Today we have Holly from The Arts Shelf sharing her top 5 favourite Halloween foods! Thanks Holly :)

1: Chocolate Pumpkins

Cazz herself introduced me to these and although simple, they are delicious, and a Halloween staple.

2: Bobbing Apples

What would Halloween be without bobbing apples? I have many fond memories of these from my childhood, usually involving water up my nose *Splutter*

3: Candy Eyeballs

A staple from my childhood Halloween parties, we used to string them from the roof and try to catch one in our teeth. They came in a plastic case and were jelly like in consistency. Sadly I haven’t seen them for many years.

4: Halloween Haribo

Usually we have these for the trick-or-treat’ers but there are always some left over. If there’s one thing better than Haribo, it’s Haribo shaped like spiders and witches hats.

5: Spooky Cupcakes

A simple Halloween treat bought from any supermarket or made at home. Moist sponge, sweet buttercream icing and any spooky decoration you like. Perfect as part of a Halloween buffet or midnight movie picnic.

What are your favourite Halloween foods? Let us know on Twitter!



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