Saturday, 8 October 2016

Hello October // Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies

Hello again, October lovers! As promised, i'm here to talk about the first Potter short story that was released a little while ago. It's not a review as such, it's far too short to really go into much detail but would it really be October if we didn't dedicate a little of our time to the world of Hogwarts? No, exactly. ;)

As the title suggests, this one gives us an extra look into the brave and hardy characters that we grew to love during our time at Hogwarts. I don't think I will ever get bored of hearing about Minerva McGonagalls life. We of course already know how brave she is, *cough* Battle of Hogwarts *cough* but until we got to read the extra material, we had no idea just what a wonderful woman she truly is. McGonagall's life was not easy but she is such a strong woman and honestly, I hope I turn out like her in the end.

We also got to see Lupin more in depth which was WAY more emotional than I had ever imagined. Much like with McGonagall, during the HP series we only met these wonderful and brave characters as adults. The new material released has opened up so many old wounds with our favourite characters. Lupin's story was one of the hardest and emotional one in the entire series but the extras we learn, the how and why of his friendship with the Marauders (and what it did to him when they all went their separate ways), was touching and real.

It's not all about the big characters though, you're going to read a lot of interesting (and incredibly funny) stories about some minor witches and wizards in this book such as Silvanus Kettleburn! ..... Yeah, I had absolutely no idea who he was either but I definitely had a little facepalm moment when it finally clicked. His story is so wonderfully funny that I immediately ran to my boyfriend to tell him what i'd read.

That's all i'm saying on this one! I truly enjoyed reading and revisiting Hogwarts, however briefly. A great collection of Pottermore facts and stories in one great little ebook.

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